Choosing a family photographer can be a daunting task. With fall right around the corner, sessions are booking quickly. But how do you choose the photographer that's right for you? Do you have a list of photographers that you're considering? Let me help you narrow that list down!

Your Investment

A lot of people use this as their only qualifier in choosing a photographer. And honestly, I've been guilty of doing the same! Yes, that photographer who gives you all the digitals for a mere $50 is enticing. However, stop for a moment and consider why they are so inexpensive. While price is definitely something to consider, I actually believe this is less important than other factors when choosing the right family photographer for you.

Photography Style

To me, this is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a photographer. Are you drawn to photos where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera? Or do you prefer candid photos where the family members are engaged with one another? Perhaps you like a mix of both. Do you just love the refined look of a studio setting? Or do outdoor sessions speak to your heart? Now take a look at the photographers that you're researching, and see if their photos match up with what you are looking for. 

Three family photos showing different photography styles from candid to posed.

Editing Style

Now that you've eliminated some photographers from your list, it's time to take a look at their editing style. Do they only shoot in black and white? Do they only shoot in color? Are their photos dark and moody with muted colors? Or are they light and airy with a pastel quality to them? Even if you don't know the words to describe the editing style you prefer, you'll be able to see the difference between two photographers styles and know which one you're drawn to.

Three photos showcasing different editing styles.

Three photos showcasing different editing styles.

Product Offerings

You might be wondering why this is something you should consider when you only need the digitals to post on Facebook. So let me ask you a question: Are you going to print your photos? Are you sure you're going to print your photos? I'll be 100% honest with you right now. I have digital photos from other photographers that I love that I still have not printed, and I'm a photographer! Yes, I have printed some of the sessions, but not all of them. 

If you're an avid DIYer, then by all means, hire the photographer that only offers digital photos. Good for you for being so motivated! However, if you are honest with yourself and know deep down that your photos will never leave the digital world, please, please, PLEASE consider a photographer that offers the products that will get your photos onto your walls where they belong!

Photos of products offered by Bellevue photographer Jennifer Lukes.

Photos of products offered by Bellevue photographer Jennifer Lukes.

I love shooting candid moments while including some smiling posed photos that the grandparents love. My photos are bright, vibrant, with colors that are true to life. I believe that photos belong in albums and on walls (besides the one on Facebook!). I offer my clients quality heirloom products so that they can be enjoyed every single day, and passed down for generations. If this sounds like the type of photographer you're looking for, then let's chat!

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