Have you had the chance to explore Larsen Lake Blueberry Farm in Bellevue? I took the kids there this week to do some blueberry picking. Of course, being the family photographer that I am, I couldn't resist bring the camera a long to capture some fun lifestyle photos of the kids.

Despite the fact that M isn't keen on blueberries, they both had a great time. In fact, M was super excited to pick blueberries just to feed them to his brother. And J was having a blast eating as many blueberries as he could. And when they were done with the blueberries, there was plenty of running. SO. MUCH. RUNNING. 🏃🏻

If you haven't taken your family out to the blueberry farms yet, I highly suggest doing so! We had a ton of fun and came home with almost a full pound of blueberries at a great price. Don't forget to take your camera!

Are you planning an outing in the future that you'd love captured in photos? Let's work together to capture those amazing memories!

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