What do you do when you love all of the photos from you recent photo session? Do you simply post them to Facebook and then never think about them again? I sure hope not!

Photo albums are one way to go if you have a large number of photos that you are in love with. However, if photo albums just aren't your thing, then let's talk image boxes! Image boxes are at the top of my list of favorite photography products. Why do I love them so much? 

5 Reasons to Consider Image Boxes

  • A modern alternative to photo albums, image boxes will hold up to 20 of your favorite images.
  • These 5x7 images are printed on archival photo paper and mounted on styrene. This means that not only will the prints last for generations, but they're durable as well. 
  • The included easel allows you to display your favorite photos for everyone to see, and you can easily swap out your display image at any time.
  • The custom printed box is a great conversation starter with friends and family.
  • They're gorgeous! Look for yourself. 😍
Image boxes containing 20 mounted images are a modern alternative to traditional albums.

If you are looking for a Bellevue photographer who can offer you the high quality products that you crave, then send me a message!

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