When I first moved to Bellevue in 2016, I was warned about the Seattle Freeze. However, I've been lucky enough to make some great friends, both personally and professionally. 

Like myself, Cindy is a family photographer. We met in a Facebook group and discovered that we lived mere minutes from each other! How convenient is that?

Since we're both photographers, it seemed only natural that we should exchange headshot sessions. We met up at Bellevue Downtown Park for the photo session. If it's been a while since you've been there, let me just say that they did a fantastic job with the renovations! 

We took photos throughout several sections at the park. My favorites are the ones we took on one of the bridges over the water. I especially love that since we're both creatives, we could have fun during this session. Don't you just love the photos of Cindy laughing?

I think these photos truly show Cindy's beauty, inside and out. I had so much fun photographing her. And I also love the headshots that she took of me. 

If you live in the Seattle area and would love some creative headshots of your own, then let's talk!

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