Before I became a mom, I thought it was a bit silly to send a child to preschool for two years. Why do they need to go when they're three years old? They're still babies!

Now that I'm a mom, I totally get it. Little M is definitely not a baby anymore. He has this incredible sense of self that I did not know was possible in someone so young. He has grown incredibly independent in ways I did not imagine possible. A lot of his independence seemed to happen overnight. One day I was feeding him breakfast, the next day he wanted to do it all by himself!

My husband Ray and I toured several preschools at the beginning of the year, but we ultimately decided we were going to wait one more year to enroll Little M. At the time, he still had a lot of separation anxiety when I would leave him. Then he turned three. Suddenly, it wasn't such a big deal when Mama left. By midsummer, he was actively asking to go to school. It doesn't help that the elementary school is right next to us. 😋

So, Ray and I revisited the schools we looked at back in February. We decided to get on the waiting list for a co-op preschool run by Bellevue College. There were quite a few families on the list in front of us, but still, we held on to hope. Then at the eleventh hour, we received the news that there was a spot open for Little M!

The last couple of weeks were a rush to get everything prepared. Between clothes shopping (Little M grows like a weed!), attending orientation, and prepping school supplies, we have been busy, busy, busy!

I'm so glad we decided to send him to school this year. I mean, look at the excitement on this kid's face! He had the whole day planned from what we were having for breakfast (banana muffins!) to what he would wear (dinosaur skeleton shirt!). He even had the forethought to ask for a special first day of school treat - cake! He could not be any happier if he tried. 😊 And, as a bonus treat for me, my official parent job is the class photographer. So, I get to do what I do best and take photos of the kids in class, on field trips, and set up their yearbook! 

So now that Little M has officially started school, I suppose I should stop referring to him as a toddler, and start referring to him as a preschooler. That is definitely going to take some getting used to. 

It's crazy to see how much Little M has grown up. I'm so glad we have all of these photos of his first day of preschool. If you are looking to capture some memories of your very own preschooler, drop me an email!

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